Home sweet home!

Hey! Here we go, it’s time to start my new blog!



Last Friday we (me and the kids) arrived to Finland for summer holiday. There’s a saying: “There’s no place like home” and that is absolutely true. Although we don’t currently live in Finland, we still have our house here. The house is almost empty but it’s still our home.

For me home means two things or three actually. Our home will be in Singapore from August, but the real home is our house in Finland. House+Finland=Home. Summer in Finland is just amazing and so beautiful. If you’ve been here during summer, you know what I’m talking about. After Shanghai fresh and clean air, quietness and nature feels great. For the next seven weeks I will be holidaying in Finland and posting my holiday highlights. I know this is familiar to readers from Finland but for those not from Finland, this might be quite interesting. You get to know my native country before going to Singapore in early August.

So here I am, in Finland. When I talk about house, I could actually talk about my garden. When asked what I miss most from Finland, I always mention garden. It’s not full of plants and it’s actually quite simple, just how I like it. So first things first when I came home…I went to my garden. Green grass, blooming flowers, blue sky, birds singing. I could not ask for more.

Home sweet home!  IMG_9972





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