Have you ever tried HIIT?

I did my first HIIT-workout today. I planned to do that in Singapore, but since my friend offered me a free class today, I went along. HIIT (Hight-Intensity-Interval-training) has become quite popular workout recently. Mostly I guess because it burns calories really fast and workout time is quite short. This is HIIT by Wikipedia.

My friend lives just opposite our house so we walked together to school where workout was held. The weather was sunny but brisk. Love it, although I wouldn’t mind if weather would be more warmer.


Now is this beautiful or what? Blue sky!

Before workout some yogurt and berries, yummy!

Before workout some yogurt and berries, yummy!

Let's go!

Let’s go!

Me and my friends.

Me and my friends.

The workout took 45 minutes, including 5 min. warm-up, 20 min. workout and about 10 min. abs/stretching. At first I thought this is quite easy for me, because I did CrossFit in Shanghai and I do lot of running. However, workout was really hard and at some point I thought I’m going to faint. Anyway, I really liked it and I will definitely try that again in Singapore.


Here we go – still smiling…



It’s over!

Now I can smile again...

Now I can smile again…

If you haven’t tried HIIT before I recommend you to try it. It was really fun, hard and effective. I’m pretty sure tomorrow I will be in pain…But at least I know what caused it. TIP! Youtube is full of HIIT-training videos. You can do a workout easily at home if you like, so there is no excuse you not to try! I will do another training here at my home and also at our summer house, once we go there later this summer.

Ps. Once I got home, I went to Sauna. You know we Finns just love our Sauna. Nothing relaxes your mind and muscles more than hot sauna and I mean HOT sauna!


Temperature in my Sauna was 107 celsius (225 Fahrenheit)!


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