Crazy runner

Finland is getting ready for Midsummer celebration. Well, at least some of us are… Midsummer party is very important for us Finns. It is our main national holiday. What is Midsummer party? Today people have left office early and head to their summer cabins with family and friends. Many people will also begin their summer vacation today. Yes, it’s summer, which is quite difficult to believe right now. Every year there’s a hope for a beautiful and warm Midsummer with blue sky, like it used to be years ago. Something like this…


However, year after year we get disappointed. Most likely it’s going to rain and weather is cold. And this year it’s no exception. This is the weather today…


It’s raining and it’s cold – what a surprise! Not attractive at all don’t you think? However Finns are still going away from home to celebrate and cities are dead empty. Usually we also go to our summer cabin for Midsummer party, but since my husband Vesa is still working in Shanghai, we are not going. Our kids are at my parent’s house, which is about 100 kilometre (62 miles) to West from Helsinki. Tomorrow I will join my kids and my parents and spend Midsummer at my parents home. That will be lovely since my mom is a fantastic cook and right now I’m so sick and tired of cooking. It will be nice to have somebody else’s cooking with some wine.

But today I really surprised myself and I guess everybody else as well by going for a run. Well, going for run is not really surprising, but since it was raining heavily and it was windy and cold I thought this is quite extreme. And because I was the only one. Seriously, I didn’t see anybody, only few cars passing me and they must have thought that I’m one crazy runner. Which I guess I was…




Empty road.

Well, I didn’t mind getting wet in the rain at all and for me it wasn’t cold. Actually it was quite refreshing to run in the rain. And I had some company after all…

Ms. Snail.

Ms. Snail.

Mr. Worm.

Mr. Worm.

Flower’s were still blooming and I had the road just for me. Can’t complain about that!




Once I got home, I went straight to hot Sauna, again. Yes, I really love going to Sauna… I definitely deserved my Happy Joe! (Dry, apple cider). And now it’s Happy Me!


8 thoughts on “Crazy runner

  1. Lucky you. Home alone, running in fresh air, sauna ❤️ and Happy Joe. Happy Joe is one of the few ciders that I really like. Hyvää Jussia !


    • Sartenada, that was a picture from Internet, not my picture. But you will see more pictures like that later on once we go to our summer cabin in few weeks. Let’s just hope the weather gets warmer.

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  2. Same wish here today we had some hope, because the wind seemed to be warmer than yesterday. May I be curious and ask in which part of Finland is situated your summer cabin?


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