Me, Myself & I

I remember the last time I used this same title. It was almost two years ago in Shanghai for my previous blog Shanghai Lily. What a perfect day it was with gym, day spa treatments, magazines and time to actually read…Well, today I had at least as fun as I had two years ago.

Actually I’m pretty lucky, since I have the whole week just for me! Imagine: no cooking, no cleaning, no kids and then I have a car so I can drive anywhere I want. After organising our move from Shanghai to Singapore this is just what I need, time for myself. Kids can have quality time with their grandparents, so they are happy too.

So what I’ve been doing then. WelI, I have to confess that I’ve been cleaning the house! And I just said No cleaning. Ok, so I need to open up about this one. Our house in Finland is basically empty and it has been empty for the past two years. When we moved to Shanghai we were so much in a hurry, that I didn’t do too much of cleaning. And since I’m spending now lot of time at home, I decided to clean so I can enjoy more. I haven’t been cleaning properly for two years, since in Shanghai we had an aiy (maid). So now house is spotless, but I must say, cleaning really sucks! It’s really waste of time and I’m happy to let somebody else to do it in the future. Which reminds of the fact, we still don’t have a maid in Singapore. I definitely need one as soon as we get there.


Ready for toilet cleaning.


This beauty is our vacuum cleaner.

And because I was cleaning yesterday, today I went for shopping. I was looking for interior things for our summer house. In our summer house interior is completely different than home. I’m up for New England-style, if you know what I mean? I found some nice things today, although I’m shocked how expensive everything is, compared to prices in China.





Dream about tomorrow. Remember yesterday. Live now.

After shopping I had a lunch and coffee in Vantaa, Jumbo Shopping mall. It was nice to do people watching. You never do that?

After shopping I did some gardening (my passion) and then for the first time, I did the HIIT-workout at home. It really asks motivation to do a workout at home, but I did it. We have a nice room in our basement, with Dojo mats and it’s perfect for workout. I did a workout: HIIT like a girl. Sounds funny, but it was actually really good. I enjoyed and my legs were killing me afterwords. Like I said before, YouTube is full of HIIT-workout videos, you just need to pick one suitable for you. Next time I’m planning to do HIIT-workout for abs…Right after workout I had a “date” with my friend. We went for walk. This is something I really miss abroad, long walks with my walking buddy.


It’s been perfect Me, Myself & I -day…and there’s more to come this week. Stay tuned…

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