Work, work, work…

We are back to our summer house and that means physical labour! This summer we got a new sauna with a guest room and a large lawn area. Although my in-laws have done a lot of work over here while we were in Shanghai, there’s still some work for Vesa and me too. I would have been happy with nothing to do, however we both are keen to get everything ready rather sooner than later, so that has meant working from morning till late evening.


Painting some old furnitures…


…more painting…


Our old sauna is now a guest room, but it’s still kind of mess and sofa bed is in pieces…



Our guest room next to the new sauna is also a mess and the sofa bed over there also in pieces…



Now this project is Vesa’s…


Found some old tools on the ground.


Ok, so we took a break from the work and sneaked out for a drink – we really needed that.


Tired but happy!

Tomorrow we are having guests and our dear friends with their children are coming here for a weekend. For us that means finally relaxing, some wine and beer and NO working for few days, yeah!

I must say that this summer is not the most relaxing one for us. Anyway, we are doing this for ourselves and this place is getting nicer each summer, so spending some time like this shouldn’t be bad.

Boy, it’s good to go Singapore in few weeks. At least there we can take it a little bit slower. Although we have to unpack our furnitures once we get there. So there will be one decoration project after another…

How about you guys, are you enjoying your summer? More relaxing, I hope!

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