Ihastuttava Porvoo on varmasti monelle suomalaiselle tuttu kaupunki. 50 kilometrin matka Porvooseen taittuu nopsaan Vantaalta, joten käväisimpä sitten Porvoossakin tässä taannoin. Kun olin kerran yksin liikenteessä oli minulla mahdollisuus myös vierailla muutamissa kaupoissa (niihin kun ei yleensä mennä, jos Vesa on mukana…). Ja kävinpä muuten ensimmäistä kertaa Porvoon kirkossakin. Aina olen sitä kaukaa ihastellut, mutta nyt tein myös visiitin sisälle. Kaunis on niin sisältä kuin ulkoakin. 

Located about 50 kilometres east from Helsinki is Porvoo. Founded nearly 800 years ago, Porvoo is the second oldest city in Finland and evidence of its long history can still be seen and felt as you walk its charming streets. For centuries, the city has served as both a home and a source of inspiration for many Finnish artists. 


Porvoo is best explored on foot. The Old Town is compact, many streets pedestrian only and with few cars only. The Old Town’s streets are cobblestone so it might be quite tricky to walk. Old Porvoo is an easy and popular day trip from Helsinki. The town is famed for its many wooden buildings, picturesquely perched by the Porvoo River. These are concentrated in the old city a few hundred meters northwest of the modern city centre, and on a fine summer day a stroll around them is very delightful indeed.




Porvoo, Finland






Porvoossa on muutama todella kiva sisustuskauppa. Tässä minun suosikkiliikkeeni Porvoossa. 

There are some nice interior design shops in Porvoo. Here are my favourite shops.

Sasu’s Playhouse








Vanille Home





Kahvitauko – Coffee break @ Tee- ja kahvihuone Helmi


Runebergin torttuja – Runeberg Torte

Porvoon Tuomiokirkko. 

Porvoo CathedralA heavy, squat, white stone building, this church wins no awards for architectural innovation, but it’s among the oldest and largest in Finland, with parts dating back to the 11th century. Predating the Reformation, it was originally a Catholic church, but was somewhat crudely converted into a Protestant one later on by removing icons and painting over murals. The building was burned down four times between 1300 and 1700, and took a direct hit from a bomb in 1914 — miraculously, the bomb fell through the roof, but did not explode. The roof was burned by an arsonist in 2006, but the damage was repaired and it’s now open again, with some of the Catholic-era murals restored in the process.

Old Porvoo, with its riverside warehouses, is one of the most photographed national landscapes in Finland and a steady favourite among tourists. For the best view of the iconic red warehouses, cross the river and walk along the park on the other side as I did.

Historically, Porvoo has been an important centre of trade and the shore houses were once used to store goods and produce, such as exotic delicacies from distant lands. It is possible to travel from the capital to Porvoo by steamboat in the summer. Even though Porvoo is not exactly a coastal town, it is connected to the Gulf of Finland via the Porvoo River. The river flows through the city, passing Porvoo’s most well-known landmarks: its red shore houses. Originally, the shore houses were painted red in honour of the arrival of Gustav III, the king of Sweden. 

Porvoo, Finland



Porvoo, Finland

Porvoo, Finland

Porvoo, Finland


Porvoo, Finland


Runeberg Torte

Tee- ja Kahvihuone Helmi

How to get to there


2 thoughts on “Porvoo

  1. Sartenada

    Nice post indeed. I love the quality of Your photos and its wide range. Concerning the church of Porvoo, You missed one of its most important thing – Votive ship. Probably You have never heard about them, if so, then it is time get acquainted. My post tells about them around Finland:

    Ships inside churches.

    Have a nice day!


    1. Milla Post author

      Thank you Sartenada for your comments. I actually did see the ship but did not take a picture of it. I am aware of its history but decided to leave it out of my post.



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