Light up the night – Iltavalaistus

Boat Quay is a vibrant and nice place to hang out in the evenings. It is one of the bar & restaurant areas. Anyway last Friday I looked at Boat Quay from a different angle…not through my wine class but my camera. Boat Quay is a historical quay in Singapore which is situated upstream from the mouth of the Singapore River on its southern bank. It was the busiest part of the old Port of Singapore, handling three quarters of all shipping business during the 1860s. Because the south of the river here resembles the belly of a carp, which according to Chinese belief is where wealth and prosperity lay, many shophouses were built, crowded into the area. It is the soft front to the composolitian banking and financial sectors lying immediately behind it.

I had my second lesson of photography at Boat Quay. Lights there are spectacular (of course nothing to compare to Shanghai where I used to live).

You can’t believe how many boats I had to wait to pass me to get these pictures...

Boat Quay on eläväinen, baarien ja ravintoloiden täyttämä joenpoukama, joka on aivan Singaporen “pilvenpiirtäjien” kupeessa. Boat Quay on minulle tuttu paikka ja upeita maisemia on tullut ihasteltua yhden jos toisenkin drinkkilasin äärellä. Viime perjantaina käväisin taas Boat Quayssa, mutta tällä kertaa ihailin maisemia kameranlinssin läpi, toisella valokuvaustunnillani. Boat Quay on upea iltavalaistuksessaan, ei tosin vedä vertoja Shanghain valoille.

Aika monta venettä piti kuvata näihin kuviin ja odottavan aika oli välillä pitkä…






Clarke Quay (Iphone photo)




Playing with lights. – Valoilla leikittelyä.




Capturing Boat Quay with black & white pictures (taken with my iPhone).

Boat Quayn tunnelmia mustavalkoisin kuvin (kuvat otettu kännykkäkameralla).





Good night Singapore! Hyvää yötä Singapore!


More info about river cruises here.

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