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When everything works…

After living in Shanghai I’m really amazed how organised Singapore is. Well, I’m from Finland and used to organised society but Singapore is  something else. If you need something, make a one phone call and consider it done.

Here are few examples: I called the gardener for the first time to talk about how to organise our garden work. He came to see me in one hour! On a same day I called the gas company about our barbecue grill. Two hours and the person from the gas company came! So we now have both the gardening plan and the gas for the grill! You know what would have happened in Shanghai? Nothing, well not at least on a same day.

The other thing I love about here is online service. Everything is online. I searched plants for our garden and you could order them online. However, this is something I want to do in person. Well, online services are certainly in China as well, but rarely in english.

But I did use online service for one thing, ordering groceries from the Giant Supermarket. What a wonderful service it is. Today I received my order. Don’t you just love it when everything works…