Galanga Living

It’s almost the year end and I’m off to holiday next week. But before that I have two posts for you. First one is about my visit at the Galanga Living Interior store. If you are up for Scandinavian style furniture and design with an Asian twist then why don’t you check out Galanga Living. The store offers a big variety of home accessories and decorations. Furnitures are contemporary chic, and suitable for modern tropical living. Their collection actually comprises of both modern looking items, and vintage style furniture with distressed or industrial appearance.  With an atmosphere that is laid-back a showroom feels roomy although it’s literally full of items from top to bottom. I find furniture pieces are arranged in a tasteful and uncluttered way. This store is one of my favourites in Singapore. 

If you can’t make it to their huge showroom (more than 8500 sq ft) at Henderson Road you might be interested in their online store. Although the website is just a glimpse of what they have to offer at Galanga Living. 

This is one place you’ll definitely want to check out.

Vuosi lähestyy loppuaan, mutta vielä ehtii muutaman postauksen tehdä ennen lomalle heittäytymistä. Tässä siis ensimmäinen. Viime viikolla kävin tutustumassa Galanga Living -sisustusliikkeeseen. Liikkeen valikoima on modernia skandinaavista ja myös vähän vintage -tyylistä. Tavaraa liikkeessä on kirjaimellisesti lattiasta kattoon, joten katse ylös seinille, mikäli vierailet tässä liikkeessä. Ostoksia on mahdollista tehdä myös nettikaupan välityksellä, mutta valikoima on netissä suppeampi. Joten kannattaa käydä ihan paikan päällä.
























Thank you Galanga Living and PC Lim for your assistance at the store and letting me take these pictures.

Love your store, see you soon.


Ps. Here’s what I bought this time. Next time I visit without a camera leaving me more time to do shopping…

Ps. Ja tässä minun tämänkertaiset ostokseni. Seuraavan kerran jätän kameran kotiin jääpähän enemmän aikaa ostosten tekoon…


Galanga Living

211 Henderson Road  
#01-02, Henderson Industrial Park
Singapore 159552    

Open daily from 10 am to 6 pm

Website, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr


When everything works…

After living in Shanghai I’m really amazed how organised Singapore is. Well, I’m from Finland and used to organised society but Singapore is  something else. If you need something, make a one phone call and consider it done.

Here are few examples: I called the gardener for the first time to talk about how to organise our garden work. He came to see me in one hour! On a same day I called the gas company about our barbecue grill. Two hours and the person from the gas company came! So we now have both the gardening plan and the gas for the grill! You know what would have happened in Shanghai? Nothing, well not at least on a same day.

The other thing I love about here is online service. Everything is online. I searched plants for our garden and you could order them online. However, this is something I want to do in person. Well, online services are certainly in China as well, but rarely in english.

But I did use online service for one thing, ordering groceries from the Giant Supermarket. What a wonderful service it is. Today I received my order. Don’t you just love it when everything works…